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Monday, January 18, 2010

Villa Hole Vals‏

Designed by SeARCH, a Dutch architecture firm, and Christian Müller Architects, the home features an enormous patio with an elliptical opening designed to accentuate the view.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Portraits of long-lived people‏

Stunning portraits of centenarians and supercentenarians (people who are 110 years old and older) who have seen a lot of things in their life.
Many of them managed to live in three centuries, as it is said “the face of age”.

106 year-old


112 year 111 day-old

110 year 115 day-old

114 year 226 day-old

105 year-old

88 year-old

103 year-old

102 year-old

108 year-old

104 year-old

110 year 320 day-old

86 year-old

90 year-old

102 year-old

101 year-old

72 year-old

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