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Friday, September 11, 2015

Sindhi Ajrak - A Soul of Sindhi Culture

Ajrak is a cloth of block printed with cavernous blushing red and sky blue background, posturing proportional patterns with dispersed unprinted effervescent transparent white motifs, nearly stars. Made of cotton, its flexibility resembles to Silk cloth. More than just a simple cloth, Ajrak is a living craft of Sindh, verifiable from the primitive archeological research of the ancient civilization Mohenjodaro. It has been symmetrically famous from period immemorial until today in between its rural, migrant and urban consumers.
Ajrak is traditionally used in Sindh from birth to death. It is used as a harbor for newborn, covering head for girls, bridal ornaments, a shawl, a turban, a present, bed sheet and symbol of respect to welcome the guests, it is also used as a climate protection by being cool in summer and hot in winter and lastly, it is immensely used as a farewell wrap. Most of the politicians of Sindh had worn Ajrak in public meetings to show their respect, love and solidarity for their province.
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