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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

PTDC Leased Flashman Hotel for Renovation

Tourism is given bulk amount of importance in contributing to any country`s GDP. It can automatically reflect salient factors of flourishing business and investing in that country`s economy. Pakistan faces immense amount of blockage in this field from security issues to betterment of luxurious hotels. Pro status and up to date hoteling experience is required to accommodate foreign audience as well as regional. For this Purpose Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation has taken some steps one of which includes leasing the Flashman Hotel in Rawalpindi.

A protest was called upon by the employers union of Flashman hotel and PTDC while calling a meeting and contradicting the decision of privatization of the hotel.

World 5 Star Hotel Industry to be expanded within Pakistan

They say if Pakistan specifically Karachi were to guarantee its safety measures and strategies then within 5 years it could be a place of flourishing leading brands and Industries of the world. Tourism has proven to be a money-making asset for any country that is also a neon sign for investors of a secure environment for their business.

According to Rehan Faiz Pirzada , General Manager at PC Karachi that still many of their foreign associates from US or European countries show hesitation for participating in meetings in Karachi which therefore gets relocated to places like Malaysia, Dubai and Singapore even regional associates from Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar were under confident to travel to Karachi .
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