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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hazarganji Chiltan - A Wildlife National Park of Pakistan

For the protection of a very rare animal breed known as the Chiltan Wild goat, Hazarganji –Chiltan National Park has been set up. This breed is very rare among the ranges around Quetta and also found in numbers on Chiltan peak.  The area of the park is divided into two parts.  Chiltan along with Koh-i-Murdar and Zarghan with Chiltan is one of the highest peaks in Quetta. The second part of the park is called Hazaranji or better called the land of a thousand treasures.
The path we took to get to the park was in a southern direction on the Quetta to Karachi Highway turning right on to a 4-wheen drive track.  The national park is situated at an approximate distance of 20-30 km from Quetta. During the way there is a board of the national park having information about both flora and fauna of the park. The area around the park is barren but there was some vegetation done around the fence but they have either been over-grazed or been through a recent drought that has made it look even worse.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Khunjerab National Park - A Place full of Wildlife

Khunjerab Park is located in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is one of the highest elevation parks throughout the world covering about 2,270 square kilometer. It is the 3rd National Park of Pakistan and is adjoint to Taxkorgan Natural Reservae in China.
Half of the park is above the 4,000 meters. Khunjerab Park is at 4,934 meters which is the entrance towards the China through Karakoram Highway. It contains three beautiful valleys; Ghujerab, Shmishal and Khunjerab valley. The place also involves the world’s gigantic border crossroads at 4,700 meters.

Hingol National Park of Balochistan

The Baluchistan is the one of the largest province of Pakistan with a land of 347056 square kilometer while covering about 40% of the country’s majority land. The province tracks its history from ancient immemorial period. It had done trade and commerce with old civilization of Babylon via Iran and inside the valleys of Euphrates and Tigris before the birth of Christ. The Great Alexander also had a conflict with the Baluchistan’s Serbia Tribe.
Mehmood Ghaznavi and Muhammad Bin Qasim also conquered Baluchistan concluding in the establishment of Muslim Repute. Even though, the people belonging to tribal areas have immense similarity with Arabs. For anthropologists, it can be quite a captivating theme of study.
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