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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sindh Government put Ban on Mohenjo Daro Tourism

After receiving much condemnation from the media and concerned officials, the tourist ban on visiting Moen-jo-Daro hide the low-quality work and abundant corruption in current plans, now urged more new bans and had emphasized strict orders on eating, drinking things as well as riding motorbikes on such historical and archaeological places.
Sharmila Farooqi, the Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister of Culture and Tourism visited Moen-jo-Daro on Monday and welcomed journalist at the site and prohibited that officials ignorance and tourists visit have the destroyed the whole place, so that she rigorously ordered the concerned authorities to execute her strategies to rescue the world’s treasure and take some strict actions and ban all the tourists for a longer span of time, if the orders will not be followed and implemented, then those authorities will be dealt rigorously for violating the rules. She added more that due to monsoon rains, the ban was applied on visitors for 2 weeks to save the heritage from more damage.
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Mohenjo Daro needs attention of Government to save its heritage

Archaeological officials and Sindh Government has been requested by the District Historical Society to protect Mohenjo-Daro and recover worthy historical articles and other stuff theft.
Mukhtiar Samo, Secretary General Professor discussing to media revealed that Mohenjo-Daro is the sole belongings of native people. On February 03, 2013, the books and precious articles by John Marshal were vanished during the work of repairing on Museum at Mohenjo-Daro.
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