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Monday, September 14, 2015

Explore the Great Castles of Pakistan

Castle is an enormous building, usually of the ancient period, protected against wars and battles with strong walls, towers, battlements and moats. Castles are typically denoted to be the personal protected residence of a Lord.

This article displays the most glorious castles of Pakistan. Pakistan is a land of historic ancient sites with full of charm and charisma. It has numerous ancient castles and sites build by the mankind of that period, which are popular for their architectural eminence. Many tourists and visitors from all around the globe visit these places to merely have a glimpse of it. 

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History of Umerkot Fort

Once known as Amarkot, the fort of Umerkot is on the brink of extinction as not only the record of its original builder; Amar Singh has been overlooked who was also the leader of this region but also the heritage is declining towards a dead end. The walls are in pathetic condition, the stairs leading to the watchtower are missing here and there and the sign boards have also been faded.
A member of the Sodha family, a sub-tribe of the Rajputs who settled in Umerkot around 11th century, Vikram Singh claims that the government has been unable to give the right amount of appreciation to his ancestors for building the fort.

RaniKot - A Great Wall of Sindh

The man behind the “Karachi Walla” and “Overheard in Karachi”, Farooq Somro heads out to search the wonders and mysteries of Pakistan about which many would like to know the answers to. One of the most mysterious places of Pakistan, “Ranikot Fort” is claimed to be the largest fort in the world.
Also called the great wall of Sindh, the Ranikot has a circumference of about 26 km standing in nowhere and defending nothing, writes Isobel Shaw. Though the largest fort in the world, it is still not enough to focus the attention of authorities to turn it into a primary tourist attraction.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ever heard about KotDiji Fort? Plan your Trip Today

There existed an overture to Mohenjodaro and Harrapa at Kot Diji in between the Indus Valley Civilization and Mehargarh, which flourished at about the period when Indus Valley Civilization was taking place.

It is located in South of Khairpur about 22 Kilometers in Sindh, Pakistan. The whole site is residing at the hills of Limestone on the eastern edge of Indus River, on about 60 kilometers of northeast Mohenjodaro. It was discovered and excavated in 1955; the reliquiae of Kot Diji depicts the very first proof of inhabitancy.
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