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Friday, September 11, 2015

A Journey to Pakistan Film Industry, A Glorious Past

The revival of Pakistan’s Film Industry is talk of the town these days. But for few people, it never vanished. It is exactly here, somehow neglected, in the shape of bright, colorful posters and pictures, evoking us of a film solidarity that once took tremendous pride in its improvident style of filmmaking. Guddu Khan is one such representative of film commercials for whom the history of Pakistan’s film can be recorded but not considered dispensable. A showcase from Guddu’s personal record of pictures and posters designated “Filmistan – Jaane Khan Gaey Woh Din” in the association with Muhammad Ali Hakeem and Cineaste One, inaugurated on Saturday at Alliance Francaise.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Boost in Pakistani Film Industry

It would probably be a euphemism if we would claim that the Pakistani cinema till the past many years was suffering from the downward scroll. Discussing about the terrific, Pakistan’s film industry was nothing more than a discomfiting collage of buxom ladies indulging into a dance items in the most inappropriate style, disconcerted moves of action by actors that were similar to opponents, and the scripts that required an super natural mind to decrypt.
The once flourishing commercial movie scene containing honorable scripts and outstanding actors in the 1970's materializes to have been lost and forgotten, with films burnish opting for Indian Film Industry and Hollywood Film Industry for an entertainment purpose. And why not to choose Bollywood? Bollywood has ambitiously achieved a reputation for producing significant movies and splendid art techniques that somehow touches the chord. From the movies like Dilwale Dhulani Le Jayein Ge to Hum Ap kay Hain Kaunthe people of Pakistan were left tempted with such movies that displayed the family environment, graceful actresses, and meaningful actors we desired we could discover in the actual world. On the other hand, our own film industry was a no-go region.

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