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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Education System in Sindh needs special attention by the Government

Along any heated and indignant political issue in this country, one must not lose track of thereal matters at that hand that we can actually work on. Sindh is the home to the country`s largest city and itself is the 2nd largest province and accordingly it should be at a high status in every sector but unfortunately it lags in the most basic one that is quality education.
Karachi alone is an unconditional victim of the ‘Parchi’ system, open cheating, historical syllabus and student mafia as well. Education is the sector that if not paid attention to can lead to horrific results for the country and the whole nation suffers the consequences.  Unfortunately, most of the population of the province is at the brink of poverty for which government schools are established for essential basic education for free for enrolled children but the conditions of these institutes have never been this worse. One can only be shocked to see the trends that are being followed in this education mafia.
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