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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Capturing Hyderabad in its Pastoral Beauty

About 100 freelance photographers accumulated on May 30 to capture and apprehend the pastoral beauty of Hyderabad, a city whose story can be traced back to about 2,200 years.
Having analyzed the rise and downfalls of different rulers, the city has many secrets to tell. Though unfortunately, the heritage, traditions and culture of city is highly neglected. The monuments, antique remains and markets are entirely overlooked. To reclaim the city, the Pakistan – US Alumni Network and Lahooti, an NGO working to revitalize folk music, arranged a Photowalk.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Explore the Beauty of Sukkur City... A City of Culture to Civilization

Sukkur is Sindh`s third largest city spread over an area of about 5165 square kilometer. According to the 2007 census the total population of Sukkur adds up to 18, 08,740 people. Sukkur is situated 220 feet above sea level. The weather is extremely hot during the summer while it becomes cold and dry during the winter. Sukkur is based upon 4 towns and a single union council. In the north, this city meets with the borders of Shikarpur and Kashmor. Ghotki is in the north-eastern side while in the south it`s border touches with that of Khairpur. Sukkur also border`s with India.

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