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Friday, September 11, 2015

Punjab - A Land of Five Rivers

Punjab is the gigantic land area of Pakistan and is renowned for its culture. The word Punjab is meant to be The Land of Five Rivers”. Its traditions, carnival and festive values are mostly derived from Indian Culture. 56% of the citizens of Pakistan are residing in Punjab Province. The Punjab Province has total of 36 districts and accords maximally 60% economy of the Pakistan.
Punjabi culture has one of the ancient roots in the world history, dating from the oldest customs to conventional era. The range, entanglement, depth and antiquity of the culture are tremendous. The major sections of Punjabi culture involves: Poetry, music, Cuisine, Architecture, Philosophy, traditions and ancient sites. Some cities of Punjab have great significance for the Sikh Community. Nankana Sahab, a district of Punjab, is the hub of Sikh Community; the Sikhs from all parts of the world contribute here for religious activities. The personality who founded and prevail the Sikh Religion throughout the world was also born in Nankana Sahab. Badshahi masjid, Jahagir Tomb and Data Darbar are the most sacred and holy places of Punjab.
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