Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ziyarat: A Charismatic Resort

Ziyarat is a district and a popular hill station situated in the north of Baluchistan province. It is well known holiday resort in Baluchistan. About every tour from Karachi to Quetta stops at this resort. In Ziyarat District, the Khaliffa Hills are the highest hills with a height of 11,400 feet. Among all the districts of Baluchistan, Ziyarat has the major “Human Development Index”.
The Ziyarat name has been derived from “Shrine”. Baba Kharwari’s shrine is located about 8 km from the Ziyarat town. His name was known to be Tahir. He became the follower of Nana Sahib. A large number of miracles are assigned to him. An increasing number of devotees come here and provide sacrifices. During the festival of Eid, the tribal men accumulate around the shrine and arrange wrestling and marksmanship competition.
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