Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Qasim Fort – The Flawless Complex

The Qasim Fort was established in 18th century by the dynasty of Talpur when the Karachi’s port used to do trade with Bahrain and Oman. British stormed the fort in 1839 due to the geographical and strategic placement of Karachi. However, the fort is currently buried under the naval base; the lighthouse is the memorable symbol of the presence of British that was developed in 1889 to help vessels accessing the harbour of Karachi. The history of contemporary Karachi initiates from this fort as on 1stFebruary, 1839, the Wellesley (British Ship), captured off the Manora Island. The castle at Kolachi made surrender without attacking a single shot in 3rd February and this minor-ordinary fishing village passed the most critical moment in its life.
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