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Rare Photos of Pakistan before 1947

Rare Photos of Pakistan before 1947

Photograph with a view looking over the houses of the town towards the Baluch Lines of the Karachi Cantonment, taken by an unknown photographer

Bazaar street at Shikarpur in Sindh, taken by an unknown photographer in the 1890s.

Shrine of Zind Pir at Sukkur in the Shikarpur District of Sindh in Pakistan, taken by Henry Cousens in 1896-7. This view looks across the causeway towards the entrance to the tomb.

                                 View on approaching Lahore from West - 1908

                                            [Badshahi Masjid can clearly be seen]
Sukkur 1860's

Lawrence and Montgomery Halls, Lahore. Two large Halls for public meetings built by subscription in honour of Sir John Lawrence and Sir Robert Montgomery.

Check out the map on the wall! it's about the undivided subcontinent and Soviet Union

Pedestrian traffic on the street, Lahore - 1946.

Photographed by Margaret Bourke-White.

Kabul River, Peshawar - 1878.

Church at Gujranwala in Punjab from the Brandreth Collection, 1865.

Gujranwala was an important city for Sikhs it was the birthplace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the home of his father, Mahan Singh and grandfather, Charan Singh. Ranjit Singh [1780-1839], known as the 'Lion of the Punjab' was one of the most celebrated rulers in India, he persuaded rival Sikh chieftans to unite forming the first Sikh Kingdom of Punjab.

Lord Mayo's party taken in Peshawar Bazaar and one of the series of views by Baker & Burke illustrating his visit to the city in 1870

Jahangir's Tomb, Shahadara - 1849.

Old Bungalow in Lahore from the 'Bellew Collection: Photograph album of Surgeon-General Henry Walter Bellew' taken by an unknown photographer c.1870. 

In the background of the photograph we can see the cupolas of the Punjabi Library.

  • Agent ISI  thanked 

  • Kwetta - The military station was designed by Sir Hugh Barnes in 1881 and laid out on systematic lines of which broad axial roads were a predominant feature.

Wazir Khan's Mosque in Lahore - 1880.

Government Primary School, Jhang, 1890s.

Captain Mackenzie's house at Abbottabad.

Abbottabad was founded in 1853 by Major James Abbott, the first Deputy Commissioner of the Hazara District [1847-53].

Punjabi Public Library in Lahore from the 'Bellew Collection, 1870'.

Murree Brewery - 1860.

Ranjit Singh Tomb, Lahore - 1863.

Sikhs walking beside two-wheeled, horse-drawn wagon on a busy city street, Lahore - September 1946.

Photographed by Margaret Bourke-White.

Kurrachee [Karachi], Harbor - 1860.

Ziarat - 1881.

Saddar Bazar, Rawalpindi - 1910.

Town Hall, Quetta before 1935 Earthquake.

GT Road, Peshawar Fort and surroundings from Jail - 1878.

River Kabul and Fort Attock, near Nowshera -1860s

Temple at Hurripore [Hazara District]

Small shrine at Haripur, North West Frontier Province, taken by an unknown photographer in the 1860s. This temple has two cat-like stone figures guarding the steps. The town of Haripur was founded in 1822 by Sardar Hari Singh, the Sikh Governor of Hazara. It became the headquarters of the Haripur tehsil of the Hazara District after annexation. However, it was abandoned in favour of Abbottabad in 1853.

july 1947. 

Just one month before the Partition was announced

The Modern Pakistan of July 1947.

The ones who struggled to get an independent country seem to be a silent majority now. The vocal minority is doing it's "wonders", thanks to General Zia and predecessors.

Zamzama Toup, Lahore. 

Lahore Railway Station. 


Murree Mall Road.


Tollington Market, Lahore.


Empress Market, Karachi. 



Aerial View of Lahore, 1930

Lahore 1886.

Marri and Bugti Tribesmen.

The Mall, Rawalpindi.


Karachi - 1873.

Photograph of the exterior of the Parsi Virbaiji School in Karachi taken from the Archaeological Survey of India Collections: India Office Series [Volume 46], taken by Michie and Company in 1873. This image was exhibited at the Vienna Universal Exhibition of that year. This building was donated by the Founder and was part of his house, that was turned into a school. This building was located in Saddar.  

Karachi in 1944.
People getting seated in a Tram.

Karachi - 1900.

Photograph of the fountain constructed in 1883 in the Government Garden, Karachi, in memory of Bombay philanthropist Cowasjee Jehangir Readymoney, taken by an unknown photographer, c.1900.

hatta, 1896.

Interior of Jam Nizam-Ud-Din's Tomb at Thatta, Sindh, Picture taken by Henry Cousens .

Bristol Hotel, Karachi - 1905.

Cantt Bazar, Abbottabad.

Presently it's Kachehri Road. This road leads to Company Bagh!

Mayo School of Arts, Lahore [now, NCA]
Early 1900s pic!

Anarkali, Lahore in the early years of the 19th Century!

1870 - Full-length standing studio portrait of a Muslim girl from Karachi in Sindh.

Picture Credit: Michie and Compan

A classic picture of Murree - 1920.

Sir Mir Mohammed Khan - Ruling Chief of Kalat, Baluchistan [1864- 1931]

1915 - Lahore Canal.

Aerial view of Lahore - 1930!

1896 - Tomb of Makhdum Saheb at Hala in Sindh.
Picture Credit: Henry Cousens

Nawab Sadiq Abbasi of Bahawalpur.

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